Thursday, May 13, 2010

If April Showers Bring May Flowers, What Do The May Flowers Bring? Pilgrims!

Let’s check what is blooming now in the garden. The wonderful Tabebuias, both in pink and yellow are making a wonderful show of their trumpet shaped blooms. Up north the forsythia starts off spring like a lion, and here in South Florida the Tabebuias bring us wonderful color as well. The wonderful bougainvilleas are giving us bountiful blooms, see below.

Although bougainvillea blooms off and on most of the year, this time of year their colors blend nicely with the other blooming plants. Vines are also starting to pop with color, including the popular bleeding heart.

The record heat wave of late is causing the potted plants to dry out more quickly. The pansies have already withered away. The petunias and impatiens are struggling while the caladiums are gorgeous as well as the crossandra. The tomatoes are still producing although the greenery is dying off. This is our end of the vegetable season except for the hearty collards, okra, peppers and the like. The heat and humidity are here, the snowbirds (tourists) are gone. When late fall arrives, the cool weather returns along with the snowbirds.