Monday, April 8, 2013

Best shoes to wear in the garden

There are a wide range of shoes to wear in the garden.  Everyone has their preference.  I know one woman who liked to garden with her bare feet, until she picked up worms. Bare feet, sandals, flip flops, rubber shoes with large holes and so forth, I do not recommend.  You want to keep the soil away from your feet.

Cloth shoes get wet and dirty.  The mud seeps through the cloth, so you might as well be bare footed.  Cloth shoes are fine if you are just taking a stroll through the garden and are not going to work in it.  Lets say you are having a garden tour or want to read a book in the garden, then cloth is better than sandals.

Work boots are great when you are digging large holes with a shovel for installing a landscape.   I damaged a pair of rubber soled athletic shoes once while digging with a shovel.  Avoid working with waffled, large grooved sneakers, since they can get caught in the metal shovel.

I am trying out a pair of Xtratuf garden shoes from Garden Shoes Online and they are holding up well.  They keep my feet clean and dry.  The soles are not slippery.  I stamp my feet a couple of times before I enter the house and do not bring in a trail of dirt.  I remember days of my youth, hiking through the woods and the footprint dirt trail from the front door to my bedroom.  Did my mother scream at me!  From then on I would sit on the front door steps and scrape out the dirt from my shoes with a stick before entering the house.  

FYI, the FCT requires that I let you know that Garden Shoes Online provided these shoes for me to try.

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