Thursday, August 4, 2011

What to do when the garden grows beyond your reach?

Every so often I have to call in landscapers with huge equipment to top my fruit trees. What good is having a huge fruit tree without having access to the fruit? By keeping it low the fruit is accessible. My neighbor is happy also because his satellite dish TV may lose reception if the trees get too large. I rather have the professionals prune around the power lines as well.
The trees in the groves get trimmed regularly after the fruit is harvested, so I like to follow suit. However this year right after the mango finished the star fruit started to produce a nice crop. Cost wise I wanted to do both at once, so I lost some fruit. There is still plenty more for my personal use and for my tropical fruit tasting classes at work.
It’s fun to go out in the morning and pick and eat fresh fruit from the garden. My mangos are so sweet and the star fruit are a sweet tart combo. Very healthy too!