Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Taste of Peru

In the USA foodies delight eating out in Peruvian restaurants.  It is customary to start a meal with a pisco sour, a delicious alcoholic beverage.  Ceviche can be served a multitude of ways and the flavorful combinations always are intriguing. Flavorful soups abound.  Dishes of chicken, fish and steak prepared to perfection with garlic, cilantro, pepper and more are simply delightful.
Lets take a tour of Peru and check out their amazing agriculture.  The first stop is an agricultural research area created by the Incas about five hundred years ago. Each terraced area represents a different altitude.  Peru goes from sea level in Lima, the capital all the way up 14 thousand feet at Lake Titicaca.  Their research enabled farmers to learn what crops thrive at each elevation.  
They grow over four thousand kinds of potatoes and over two thousand kinds of corn!  Many colorful variations exist.  
After corn is harvested it is not preserved by canning or freezing like here.  It is more often dried and bagged.  
Bags of potatoes at a local market show the tremendous diversity of colors, shapes and sizes available. 
Amazing gigantic breads are a specialty of certain towns. 
Chef and restaurateur Gaston Acurio of Peru has over forty restaurants worldwide.  I will have to try one out, since there are two in Miami. 

 Peru is an amazing country rich in history, culture, beautiful countryside and wonderful people.

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