Thursday, September 26, 2013

The top gardens of Paris

The gardens of Paris are unique and special for a variety of reasons.  Many are historic, some dating back to when they were part of vast private estates of royalty.  Others are the brainchild of artistic genius such as Claude Monet's gardens of Giverny.  The city has some large gardens in the center, as well as many smaller gardens in the periphery.

Even the gardens near the Eiffel Tower were gorgeous. 
 The formal Luxembourg gardens were softened by a casual bed of flowers.  There are many statues throughout this garden.  

Walking all day long provided the opportunity to discover some amazing vertical gardens in the city.  This was a small one as you can see I am standing there  for scale.
Marie Antoinette's farm gardens were a treat to behold, so charming.  There were veggie gardens, flower gardens and farm animals throughout this small cluster of homes.  These are located on the grounds of Versaille.

The great history, the wonderful gardens, the delicious bakeries and food all combined to make this a wonderful vacation.  

I just returned from a few weeks of touring these gardens.  The annuals were in top form, the grass a luscious deep green, and the trees and shrubs were well maintained and healthy.  My last trip to Paris was in the winter, so there is no comparison to late summer.

I also shot several garden videos for my youtube channel.  They will be ready soon for viewing.

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