Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Start Your Own Garden Club

I have lived in my community for many years and finally decided to start a garden club here. We had never had one and there are about one thousand residents in the area. Most are homeowners and there are also some duplexes and apartment residents as well. I am a tree hugger, I admit it. Tell me about a plant group and I am there. Over the years I have attended the Palm Society, Herb Society of Broward County, The Violet Patch, Bromeliad society, Rare Fruit Council and BUSH. The last one always raised eyebrows; it stands for Better Understanding through Horticulture. They are all fun, meet once a month and were held at the county extension office. Your local county extension office may also host such meetings. Since I was so busy attending these, I did not find it necessary to form a group and take on the responsibility. Then I changed my mind and was happy I did! Its easy and fun.

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