Friday, August 22, 2014

All About Oncidium Orchids

Confession time.  I thought for years I did not care for Oncidium orchids.  I would buy them and then after a while they would simply decline and die.  Oh and worse, never flower.  I much rather preferred Phalaenopsis, Dendrobiums, Cattleyas and Vanda orchids.  They seemed to be more hearty and likely to re flower every year.

Well the times have changed and now they are beloved as the group above.  I purchased some Oncidiums from someone who was moving and downsizing this spring.  They were not in flower at the time.  Now in August they both bloomed. Their cascading flowers are simply spectacular. 

The above and below photographs are the more unusual chocolate orchid, also known as Sharry Baby Oncidium.   To me their scent is very mild, so mild I do not detect a chocolate scent.  However, the blooms are breathtaking enough for me even without the added scent.

This Oncidium below is the more common of the two, this yellow flowering species is spectacular due to the brilliance of the profuse yellow blossoms.

Now the reality has set in that yes indeed I can have success with Oncidiums, I wonder what genus will be the next to have success with?  Only time will tell my dear readers, only time will tell.

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