Thursday, October 21, 2010

Edible Gardens made easy: 11th Street Annex Restaurant

Just a tad south of the hustle and bustle of downtown Fort Lauderdale off Andrews Avenue there is a gem of a restaurant with a fantastic edible garden. This hidden gem is called Church Side 11th Street Annex, located next to Trinity Church and Trinity Churchside Garden.
When Jonny Altobell and Penny Sanfilppo created their restaurant 11th street annex, one requirement of their front entryway garden was that they wanted something special. “Everything to be medicinal, edible or smell good.” According to Penny. Luckily, her boyfriend happens to be the noted BCC plant guru, and nursery owner David McLean.

There are many very interesting unusual trees in the garden. There is large tree called the strawberry tree, which hails from SE Asia. There is a cinnamon tree. The cinnamon comes from the bark. There is a mulberry tree, a line berry tree and a mango tree. A large bay rum tree and lime berry tree rise up within the garden.

Naturally there are plenty of fresh grown herbs. There are some unusual plants also, notably the Chinese Fisheye Jasmine. There is a tree called lolate, in the piper family. The leaves are similar to grape leaves and they can be stuffed and eaten.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Amazing Secret Gardens of south Florida # 7

Located off Fort Lauderdale beach, Richard’s secret garden has a unique tropical charm. The entryway offers visitors the opportunity to sit on a swing and watch the world go by. The front yard has just enough grass to keep the dogs happy, and it’s the only grassy area on the property.
The side yard has a lush tropical atmosphere with flowering hibiscus, gardenias, night blooming jasmine and more lining the edge of the property line. Hanging potted plants are decorating the slide walls of the house. This is a nice area for entertaining since the hot tub and BBQ grill are here as well. Turn the corner and here is an amazing surprise.The back garden’s main feature is a beautiful pool, with a water fall. A palm curves out and over the pool and the lush tropical garden wraps its way around the back yard giving privacy. There are palms, flowering bromeliads and a multitude of orchids hanging from the house.
There are unusual art works throughout the property as well as some garden whimsy here and there. An alligator rests at the edge of the pool. A set of lions frames the front of the property. A large wood sculptured table holds a bonsai collection.