Monday, December 21, 2009

Tis the Season For Some Herbal Teas!

Tis the season to indulge in herbal teas! Now that cold winter is upon us, why not treat yourself to some special teas to improve your mind body and spirit? For those of us in the warm climates, we can still go outside and pick fresh herbs for our teas. For those of you up north who harvested herbs from your garden and dried or froze them, you can utilize them. Head to the local grocery or specialty store and treat yourself to a few boxes of specialty teas. This will surely add to the holiday season, and save you some cash as well. A box of 20 teabags is less money than a prepared cup of coffee at one of the popular storefront chains.
This time of year with all the over eating and indigestion, make some mint tea. It settles the stomach and tastes great. Many restaurants give mints at the check out counter for this very reason. If you get indigestion after eating there, would you come back? The mints prevent this from happening. Feeling a bit anxious or having trouble sleeping ? Grab some chamomile tea. It’s a wonderful way to relax and is a popular calming tea. One brand even touts it's Sleepy Time tea. (The main ingredient is chamomile.) On the shelves are also some holiday teas, with cinnamon, cloves and orange flavor. These teas are a refreshing change and gets one in the spirit of the season. Enjoy your new selections of tea and tickle your taste buds .

Monday, November 2, 2009

Community Gardens: Going Green in Wilton Manors, FL

In the heart of a residential neighborhood there is a wonderful community garden with some amazing surprises. Community gardens are very special for a multitude of reasons. They provide small growing plots to people who may not have access to any other planting area. They are popping up all over urban and suburban centers all over the United States . In place of debris, abandoned neglected vacant lots, greenery, flowers and vegetables are sprouting. People are taking pride in their new gardens and neighborhoods improve because of them. New friendships bloom. Going green, producing your own locally grown food and being politically correct: it’s all great!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Autumn Leaves Are Mother Nature's Miracle

The joys of watching the Autumn leaves change color is Mother Nature’s way of showing us her creativity. A photograph, a painting, a television show all try to capture the beauty of Fall Color. The best way to see Autumn color is to view it in person, up close. I was fortunate to be able to take a vacation to Boston, Maine, St. Jon and Halifax two weeks ago. Having been born in New Jersey and having spent the last thirty years in Florida, I miss the seasons.
Maples are my favorite. There is such vivid diversity of the reds, yellows and orange, with a small spattering of green sometimes mixed in. Sometimes one side of the tree will change color first. Maple trees are native on the east coast of the Americas from Canada to the Florida Keyes. In Florida, if we have a few weeks of cool weather in January and February, we may see some slight color change, but nothing like up north.
I wish you all a wonderful autumn season.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ornamental Outlook:A Great Source of Information For Both The Novice And Professional

Ornamental Outlook Magazine has great information on new plant varieties, insects to look out for, profiles on major growers, and so much more. Although the magazine is geared for the Southeast United States, it contains information that is beneficial to all plant enthusiasts. The publisher offers other trade magazines as well. Best of all, if you are in the industry, they are free. I have subscribed to them for many years. The advertisers provide wonderful array of products. There is wonderful photography to back up the articles.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Liz Taylor, Tori Spelling and Kathy Griffith all love Gardens.

Celebrities are people just like us, and since gardening is America's number one past time, many movie stars, famous athletes and entertainers find joy in getting their hands in the soil. They love the experience of planting seeds, watching them sprout and starting vegetable gardens.

Recent celebrities digging in the garden include Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott planting an organic vegetable garden on their reality TV show Tory and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood on the Oxygen network. Suzanne Somer's large organic garden was featured on the Kathy Griffith reality show My Life on the D List. Liz Taylor created a top selling fragrance out of the gardenias growing in her garden.

As the weekend approaches, take time to smell the roses, enjoy harvesting some vegetables, or take a walk in a park.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Star Fruit, Carambola, Five Fingers.

Tropical Fruit Tip

Have you tried the Star Fruit? In the Tropical Islands is is also known as five fingers. Cut the fruit sideways and you will find out why. There are five points like a star or a hand spread out wide. This fruit is packed with antioxidants and has loads of vitamin c, the same as an orange. Native the China, the scientific name is Carambola. This tropical fruit tree grows anywhere there is no chance of a freeze. Carambola tastes somewhat like a cross between a pineapple and an apple: its a bit mild and tart. It has loads of fiber. Chop it up and add to salads. It blends nicely with a fruit salad, a lettuce salad, even tuna or chicken salad. The sliced fruit floats, add these stars to your punch bowl for a festive occasion!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Go Visit Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Nestled among a native pine land in western Delray Beach, Florida is a gem one must experience first hand. The largest Japanese garden in the Southeast United States has over 200 acres of land. There are two museum buildings, that include a tea house, restaurant with a Delicious reasonably priced menu and wonderful fully stocked gift shop. The grounds are simply spectacular. You get to see the essence of Japan through a selection of native and exotic South Florida landscape trees, bushes and ground covers. There are flowing waters of ponds, waterfalls and fountains. Wonderful reflective sculpture gardens, bridges, pavilions,gates,and paths all blend together to make this place seem a vacation to Japan, only a lot closer. Reiko Nishioka, the Director of Education of Morikami for seventeen years was our tour guide for the day. I have visited the gardens countless times over the years and it always provides the opportunity to heal, rejuvenate and sooth your mind body and spirit. Mr. Hoichi Kurisu designed the gardens with the intention to provide a therapeutic environment. He succeeds in ways that have to be experienced to firsthand.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weekly Tropical Fruit Tip

Now is a great time to buy mangos, they are delicious and bountiful in the supermarkets. Pick them up, feel the skin and smell the fruit. If is is sweet smelling and gives a little when you touch it, take it home and in a day or tow on the counter its ready to eat. Mangos are loaded with vitamin A, some vitamin C and K, has lots of fiber and is so healthy! To see a video of mangos, go to this site. Enjoy!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Robert's Tropical Paradise Garden

From anywhere in the world you can create your own tropical paradise! It can be several acres outside or in a 4 inch container on a table. It can be on your desktop at work, a windowsill in the kitchen, or on a patio. Gardening is America's number one past time.
  • Plants are therapeutic
  • Indoor plants clean the air of toxins
  • Its fun watching something grow
  • It gives a sense of purpose to life
  • Plants connect us to the environment
  • Gardens can bring a family closer
My life is plants and they have given me much joy. Hope you feel that way also.


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