Saturday, May 26, 2012

Back from vacation, time to work in the garden

Vacations heal the mind body and spirit, as does horticulture therapy. I have been on  holiday and realize it is long overdue to fill you all in.
The garden has always been a tropical jungle.  Now it is a truly an untamed paradise.  I have lots to prune, weed, and organize.  Winter annuals have perished in their pots and need to be replaced with heat tolerant colorful summer flowers.  Large branches from trees and shrubs need to be pruned.  Over grown volunteer plants need to be removed from where ever they have germinated.  Fallen leaves need to be raked up.  As the days get longer and the heat gets stronger, gardening will be limited to early in the day or late in the day.

Here are the fruit trees all competing for space.  From left to right, Carambola, Orange and Mango. There are also more fruit trees behind these.  There is a fig, sugar apple and papaya as well.
It is nice to be back home.  No matter where I am and how great of a time I am having, I always miss being in my garden.  Please follow me on
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