Sunday, February 22, 2015

Secrets of growing amazing orchids

I have attended many orchid classes and orchid over the years.  I have purchased many orchids in as many years and many have died.  As a hobby orchid grower with marginal results for many years. I would like to share with you a success story.

For every expert orchid grower, there is another technique they recommend. Water with ice cubes, water only in the morning, spray the leaves, fertilize with epsom salts, fertilize with orchid food only, fertilize with only liquid, powder, granules, etc.  Some homeowners get amazing results by hanging their orchids in trees and forgetting about them.  Others put them on a strictly times regimen.     Lighting is another confusing variable.  Too little light and the orchids do not grow or flower.  Too much light and they get burned and or dry out and die.  Its confusing.

After reading up I discovered my vandas needed the most light, and mine get some early morning and late afternoon direct sun, with filtered sun mid day. Next come the oncidiums.  The dendrobiums and cattleyas require a bit less light.  The easiest to flower and to take care of are phalaenopsis orchids, which require the least light.  

In terms of feeding, I have the best results with regular weekly dilute feedings, or at least feeding most waterings.  I try to water once or twice a week in the winter since its the dry season.  During this time I only feed once a week.  In the summer when its the wet season water only once and feed only once.  

This last photo is from an orchid show, not my mine.  So beautiful!  Here is a video I did about the orchids.  

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