Monday, January 5, 2015

The Wonders Of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an amazing plant to grow, and its so easy as well.  Inside give it a sunny window and water when the soil is dry to the touch, its that easy.  Within no time the plant will start to produce baby plants and you will need to step up or repot the plant in a larger container.

Outdoors in Florida we are able to grow it year round in the garden.  Aloe can be successfully grown as a ground cover.  This year I planted a clump at the edge of my property line.  Every time a baby grew to be a third of the size of the mother, I carefully dug it up and replanted it in a bare spot in the garden bed.

Last week the mature plants started blooming profusely. I had seen them bloom like this often through the years.  I had never had planted an entire bed of them and am amazed at the beauty of the blooms en mass.  Gorgeous.

I utilize aloe medicinally many ways.  When I cut my skin I cut off part of a leaf and take it inside.  I peel away part of the leaf to expose the gooey center, and apply that to the cut.  I try to do it morning and night.  Sometimes I apply it to my face before bedtime as a healthy skin treatment.  Other times I take a teaspoon of the gel, add it in the blender with some juice and drink it as a tonic.

Aloe should be a plant in everyone's house or garden.  In my horticultural therapy classes we grow it at every facility I work at.

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