Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tribute to horticulturist and teacher David Mclean

David Mclean passed away while I was on vacation.  It is a sad time for all horticulturists in South Florida.  He was a ubiquitous fixture in everything to do with plants.  Until recently was a guest speaker at most plant groups, library chats, park gardening series and more.  He sold plants at most plant shows all over the tri county area.

While teaching horticulture at Broward College for over 40 years, he created a monthly plant group opened to the public as well as college students.  There was always a great speaker, a plant auction and upon completion a dessert buffet supplied by the attendees.  The group met at the Broward County Extension Office for years and then later at the site of his nursery at Trinity Church in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

He was a brilliant horticulturist, who had a passion for teaching and sharing his everlasting curiosity of plants.  He had a sharp sense of humor, was opinionated and blunt.  Never boring.

Over the years I purchased plants from his nursery.  I had a wonderful potted allspice tree for years.  Upon returning from my vacation, the allspice tree was dead.  It had lasted for years on all my other vacations.

 Goodbye David and goodbye allspice tree.  You will be missed.

Penny Bullard, his wife still operates an amazing restaurant on the grounds of the church. David created the edible landscape at the restaurant and I wrote about it. Here is a link to the article.
11th Street Annex Restaurant

Here is a link to his obituary from the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel.
Obituary for David Mclean

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