Sunday, January 12, 2014

Healing herbs and old fashioned remedies

Many of my seniors at work remember old fashioned remedies their parents or grandparents gave them when they were children. Depending on where they were born and what plants were readily available determined what cures they remember. Here is a link about a special herbal tea.

Many cultures reminisce of the curative powers of Aloe vera for wounds to the skin,  Others recall given aloe as a drink to aid digestion and a cleanse internal organs.  Eastern europeans recall camomile tea utilized for colds, stomach aches and as a hair rinse.  Seniors from the Caribbean Islands recall cerasee tea for cleansing the blood.  Here is a link to great island remedies.

An epsom salt foot bath soothed tired, sore feet.  A hot tottie was given for a cold before bed.  A hot tottie could have been a whisky shot, or an elaborate concoction of warm milk, and egg and whisky.

Some seniors recall bonkes, or cupping.  Small glasses were used with a candle or match and applied to the back.  The suction would irritate the skin, bringing blood to the area.  This was used to heal a cough or a cold.  Here is a link to an article about how to make your own herbal teas.

The were astounded when a doctor prescribed garlic pills to lower blood pressure.  What is old is new again.  Old fashioned cures that were once considered old wives tales are now medically proven to be beneficial.  Many cures are now available at the local drug store, from pharmaceutical grade olive oil pills to herbal teas and epsom salts.

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