Monday, February 7, 2011

Chocolate does grow on trees: Great Valentine's Day Gifts

Modern chocolate still originates from the fruit of the cocoa tree. Cocoa trees thrive in tropical rainforests throughout the world. Ancient South American civilizations enjoyed the natural cocoa and benefited from its natural antioxidants. Spaniards introduced the cocoa to Europeans where they heat processed the beans, added sugar, milk, fillers and more, degrading the health benefits.
The flowers of the fruit are pollinated by an insect that lives in the rainforests. When modern growers removed the trees from the forest and planted them in opened fields, the results were terrible. In South Florida, it is not recommended to plant the trees due to the lack of rainforest, cooler weather and overall poor results of past attempts. The only way to get a fruit is to hand pollinate each flower.
Life is good, especially if you eat and share an amazing patented cold pressed dark Belgium free trade chocolate.Chocolate, backed by thousands of research papers is considered a super food. XOCAI has the added benefit of being cold pressed, caffeine free, low in sugar, and is infused with healthy flax seed known to be good for the heart, pro biotic which aids in digestion and is found in yogurt, acai and blue berries great antioxidants, and more. The product line even has a meal replacement chocolate protein shake that is producing amazing results.
Sell it or buy it, here is the link

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