Thursday, November 17, 2011

Annie Haven and her Teas

A wonderful perk of being on the net and having a blog, and being connected with social media is the great people you meet. I have some great contacts now and enjoy their work and contributions in the garden world.

Another perk is learning what is happening in the gardens of different regions of the USA and around the world. My biggest fans outside the USA on my Facebook page are Indonesia, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and France.
Another great perk are the product samples you get in the mail. You never know what goodies await in the mailbox when you get home from work.

I met Annie Haven on Facebook. We chatted up her and there and she sent me some of her special garden teas. These teas are not the kind you sip on fine china and eat a cucumber sandwich. These teas you brew and feed to your garden plants.
The first one I tried was for my roses. It is considered a soil conditioner and it is called an Alfalfa Tea. Following the instructions on the bag, I placed the bag in a 5 gallon bucket of water, covered the pail and let it seep for a few days. When I opened the bucket, what an aroma! It brought me back to my youth. Memories of visits to the zoo, horse riding, and petting zoos replayed in my head. Flies came out of nowhere and hovered around me. It was quite a surprise indeed.

I poured a nice amount around each rose bush. The aroma was very strong all over the garden. Luckily by the next morning, it was all gone. That was two weeks ago and now it is time to water the roses with ¼ a cup of Epsom salts. Years ago I was told about the benefits of applying Epson salts, but neglected to do it. Haven Brand has given me the motivation to apply the Epsom salts. I will be reporting the progress of my roses in future posts. Visit for more information.

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  1. Ah, I love to hear the stories of memories my alfalfa and manure teas bring to the wonderful gardeners that brew and feed them. I look forward to hearing and seeing more shares of the natural beauty Authentic Haven Brand manure teas bring to your rose garden. Don't forget to feed the house plants, they need natural Soil nutrients too : ) Annie

  2. funny I just remembered epsom salts a couple of weeks ago and gave my vegetable garden a bit of it - it has really perked things up! sounds as though that tea had a bit of manure it it! that never makes the neighbors happy!