Sunday, May 29, 2011

First Visit to Naples Botanical Garden

A birthday gift was a trip across alligator alley through the Everglades to reach a new gem of a botanical garden. This garden took many, many years of planning before they even broke ground. Each garden within the garden has a theme. The wetlands garden and bird watching area replicates the Everglades and is designed to attract birds and wildlife. The children’s garden is designed for the children to really enjoy playing while learning. The Roberto Berle Marx garden is a loving dedication by Raymond Jungles, who was his mentor. The Caribbean garden takes you away to the steel drums and sweet fruits of the tropical islands. The enabling garden had some raised beds with overgrown plants and needed some work. The intention was excellent; the execution needs some fine tuning.
It was amazing to view the gardens in their infancy. The newly planted gardens are already a delight to view. I look forward to going back to enjoy it while it matures.


  1. Robert, What a nice blog. I always wanted to be a Horticulturist, but never had the money to go. Now at 47 I gave up on the idea. Anyway again nice blog and pics, wish I was in Florida so I could have a garden all year long just about.


  2. I was just there,this past May.And loved it!I really want to return when the weather is cooler.

  3. Yes, it was way too hot and with the bright white shell mulch it was very intense. Between the heat and the brightness, it was very fatiguing. The beauty certainly made it worth it, however.

  4. Hi Tony. I consider myself a student of horticulture, you never stop learning. One thing about living up north, it gives you a break from weeding, ha.