Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to film your own YouTube videos

My YouTube garden/food/lifestyle channel is a fun project I started in December 2011.  Since I work all week long, weekends are devoted to filming. So far I have done all the shoots in my garden and house. I have about 35 segments filmed and ready for viewing on my channel.  Click on colored sentences to see some videos.

A great deal of planning goes into each segment.  The topics need to be researched for accuracy.  The script has to be short and to the point. I like the videos to be entertaining and fast paced.  Supplies need to be on hand and ready for the shoot.  The lighting has to be perfect.  When using a chain saw, pruning, and cooking, you do not have the opportunity for numerous takes.  Barking dogs, airplanes, people talking in the neighborhood, high winds, loud automobiles all interfere with the sound quality. How to grow and slice a Carambola, or starfruit

It is important to smile, be relaxed, speak clearly, and with confidence.  Try not to flub the lines. Stay focused and on topic.  Keep the videos short and do not ramble on.  Make sure to frame the shot so the audience can see you clearly and follow what you are doing on camera.
How to re pot an orchid.

Find a reliable camera person.  Retakes may be from a cameraman's foot being in the shot, a finger in front of the view, a sneeze, a sniffle, or an audible prompt from a cameraman.  A cameraman's shadow can ruin a shot.  There are many variables that can cause retakes.

Sometimes a mistake can add to the spontaneity. Once, when I was chopping onions, they flew off the cutting board and onto the floor.  I kept it in the scene.  Sometimes an unexpected critter in the garden could change the scene.  Do you keep on going or do a retake?  It is your call. How to prune a hedge

You also can monetize your site with google ads.  Follow the prompts and read the rules.  They can cut off your ads at any time and disable your account without giving you a warning or a reason.  You can appeal but they still do not give reasons.

For my kitchen cooking segments, to see the stove the cameraman had to stand outside the kitchen door on a step stool and shoot from there. Chicken, spinach, mushrooms and wine recipe

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