Monday, October 22, 2012

Morikami Japanese Garden in South Florida

Could there really be a Japanese garden in South Florida that actually looks like you are in Japan?  Is it possible?  Mr Morikami thought so, and the successful farmer decided he loved his new country so much he donated land for a state park upon his death.  
The Morikami Gardens and Museum are a legacy of his wishes for Americans to learn and appreciate Japanese culture.  Located in Delray Beach, Florida where his farmland used to be, the museum and gardens are like a mini vacation to Japan.
Japan had lots of native undeveloped pineland s back in the day, as did Delray Beach. 

There are meditation gardens, lakes, streams, bridges, and bonsai.  Here is a video with a mini tour of the gardens.  The botanical garden was designed by Mr. Kurisu, who also designed the wonderful Portland Oregon.  He is also a part time resident of Delray Beach.

The bonsai collection at Morikami is amazing.  They have a wonderful collection that is maintained by both staff and devoted volunteers.  This is an article I wrote a while ago about tropical bonsai of Florida.   Bonsai of Florida

I know this is just a taste of the wonderful Japanese garden and bonsai.  The best way to see the garden is to visit.  When you come to visit South Florida, this is a great attraction to visit while you are here.  Thank you for visiting my blog and enjoy the following links.  I will follow, subscribe, and add you back.

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