Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cerasee Tea for Health

Cerasee is a popular herbal tea of the Caribbean Islands.  It is utilized for many ailments, as it is a blood cleanser.  Women use it to sooth monthly cramps, as well as to treat urinary tract infections.  The tea is used to remove parasitic worms from the body.  It cleanses the liver and kidneys.  If you google cerasee tea, there is a great deal of information about all the benefits.

I never knew about cerasee tea until I brought it inadvertently  during a flower arranging class from my garden and a certified nursing assistant told me all about it.   The cerisee vine grows like a weed in my garden so I started bringing it to work for the nurses to use.  I decided to make a video about it on my YouTube garden channel.

People started asking me for the tea and seeds so I started a business.  I sell the tea in bulk gallon bags for just six dollars, including shipping.  Seed packets of a dozen seeds are three dollars including shipping.

To brew the tea, boil water and then pour it over about a four inch piece of vine and leaves.  Leave the tea to steep in the water for a few minutes, then strain into a cup.  You can also put the leaves in a tea infuser and steep in  boiling water.  It is a bitter tea.

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Men and women drink the tea as a tonic, but not all the time since it can be hard on the kidneys and liver.


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