Monday, July 8, 2013

Anticipating an urban harvest

There is always something to eat from the garden.  Right now the second crop of mangoes are ripening.  This is a rare occurrence, usually we only get a short crop, and are inundated with ripe mangoes in a few short weeks.   This second batch is plentiful, but the fruits are half size.

The critters are already feasting on the unripe mangoes, so I have to pick them early and have them ripen inside the house, in the sink.  I use a large pole picker, as seen in this video.  You are all welcome to subscribe to my youtube channel, greatly appreciated!
The sugar apples are still green, but are starting to turn yellow.  They usually are ready after the mangoes, but this year we are having an overlap.  It is wonderful to pick and eat directly from the tree.  Urban farm fresh!  Just a bike ride from downtown Fort Lauderdale.  This video shows how to slice a star fruit.  Did you know once they are sliced, you can float them in a drink?  Fun!

If I had to redo my garden, I would have planted more edibles.  I am all planted out and the only way to add more is to take trees and shrubs out.  I may do just that...
Thank you so much for visiting my blog, greatly appreciated.  I like following and reading yours as well.  See you again soon.

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  1. Oh I like your mango picker - we really need to find something like that to pick our lychees. When we cant harvest the higher lychees the bats move in at night. besides the noise they carry diseases.

  2. I grew a mango (yes one) but the tree froze :_(

  3. You have a nice blog and that fruit looks yummy!

  4. You have a nice blog here and that fruit looks yummy!