Monday, October 27, 2014

My First Rain Chain

Have you ever had a rain chain?  They are amazing.  Originally from Japan, they are utilized instead of a gutter downspout. There are many variations to choose from.  Little cups hang down and rain water drains from cup to cup until it reaches a barrel to collect water or is distributed to the ground where it waters the garden.

In Japan they are very common in households, temples and other buildings. They are a welcome addition to any garden anywhere, and I recently was contacted to try one out.  Clayton from Rain Chain Direct offered me one to experiment with and write about here on my blog.  It was super easy to install and comes with instructions.  I had a light rain and enjoyed watching the water flow down the cups and enjoyed the sound.  I am looking forward to a heavy rain to get another experience.

I had my parents over and my father (so practical, as all fathers are) pointed out I should not keep this in the front yard.  The copper ornament is visible from the street, and its like having money hanging down for everyone to see.  The high price of copper has created a new market and thieves are stealing copper from air conditioning units, plumbing fixtures and anything else made of copper is fair game.  I did not want to have my new feature stolen before I even got the pleasure of using it, so I moved the rain chain to the backyard garden.

Over time the copper will change color and it will age to a beautiful finish.  I am very happy to enhance my garden with this rain chain and advice my readers to purchase one or give as gifts to friends and family.

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