Sunday, February 12, 2012

Secrets For A Successful Vegetable Garden

There are many secrets for growing successful vegetables and herbs. A raised bed is one of them. There are some great suppliers and many options. There are many suppliers of raised beds that will not break the bank. Raised beds will save time and also your back! Although they are usually only eight inches high, it keeps the costs down when you fill it with soil. Buy bags of composted manure ir you are not near a farm or horse stable where you can get it for free. You may want to add some professional potting mix, and your own compost that is rich in organic matter. The better the soil, the easier it is for the plants to absorb the nutrients and water necessary for great growth. Look at the picture of me standing behind an amazing huge basil! In Florida most of our soils are way too sandy. The plants get nematodes and they become weak and stunted. Raised beds and great soil is the way to go. Weeds are less of a problem in raised beds. I mulch the raised beds as well to keep the weeds out. Containers also work well. For tomatoes I like a five to seven gallon container. For herbs use at least a gallon size, and when they outgrow that a three gallon size works fine. Good luck and happy planting!

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