Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My private garden hosts a high fashion model shoot.

My private garden became the backdrop for a high fashion photo shoot over the weekend a few weeks ago. I am still pinching myself and asking, “Did this really happen?”A few weeks earlier at an art event I met a woman who was a jewelry designer Mika Altidor www.mmcjewelry.com and her friend Ana Tomic. We chatted up a conversation, got to know each other, hit it off and exchanged business cards at the end of the evening. We kept in contact via social media and I offered my garden for a photo shoot. A week or two later it was all arranged.

Mika and another designer Krista Jones got together to pool resources and filmed the shoot using Mika’s jewelry and Krista’s fashions. I knew they were coming with a photographer on a Saturday morning. When Mika and Krista arrived, they came prepared with many suitcases, bags and an entourage of a makeup artist Joshua Ribadeo of the Glam Squad www.glamsquadbeauty.net, Meagan Claire photographer, two models Ana Tomic and Cecilia Singley of Ford Miami, and an assistant.

I did not realize they needed a bedroom to change in and prepare the clothes; the makeup man needed a large table to set up all his makeup so we set up in the kitchen. The shoot took all day. It was a bit overwhelming having so many people in the house who I had just met. Everyone was really nice and they said it was one of the most relaxing shoots they have ever been on.

The end results were certainly spectacular to say the least.

It was nice Sunday was the next day to relax before the start of a new hectic work week.  Here is a video of the day!

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