Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gardens Inspire Artists At Basil Art Fair

This mobile was amazing, with these detailed moss balls floating down. Each small "world" had beautiful layers of different kinds of moss.

Artist Ruud Van Enpel Stux Gallery, NYC.
The most important contemporary art fair in the United States was held in Miami Beach. As usual the art was amazing. There was a vast array of galleries representing artists from all over the world.
Artists throughout time have chosen to express their creativity through their experiences with plants, flowers and landscapes. The following art is a very small representation of the dozens of artists to choose from.

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  1. Robert, how do you find the time to do and go to so many things and places? I loved the securing the homes the green way. I love to grow cactus, but I never thought to plant them under my windows. It really is a clever idea. L.O.