Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Go Green with Homeland Security

Homeland security begins at your home. How secure is your property from being burglarized? How can you safeguard your house and be green at the same time? Often security professionals tell us to keep visibility high around the house. This may be practical for a security perspective but,ugly to an avid gardener. A great way to keep burglars away from your windows it to plant horrible thorny plants. A drugged out burglar wanting some cash for his next fix is less likely to mess with getting all bloody trying to break a window with a cactus plant blocking easy access. Thorny roses are also effective as well as the bougainvillea vine. With one inch thorns, these cause a lot of unwanted pain Certain palms are notorious for their massive thorns, such as the ubiquitous pygmy date palm, or Phoenix robeillini. A cactus in a large clay pot is an effective deterrent against crime as well. I call these green security guards. Be well and be safe.