Sunday, September 16, 2012

Soap making from the garden

Several years ago at our Broward County Herb society meeting, we had a guest speaker who was a soap maker.  We learned that our largest organ of our body was our skin.  According to the speakers, what we wash ourselves with can have health benefits or health hazards.
Latest research confirms there are several toxic ingredients in our soaps and shampoos, according to Dr. Marcola.  Some people are more allergic to the ingredients than others.  He recommends avoiding all of them and buying organic products.

Last week I discovered a twitter peep who was a soap maker.  Her name is Jenny Anthony. I tweeted t o her that I loved natural soaps.   She was kind enough to offer to send me a bar to try.  A package arrived and I was delighted to find three beautifully wrapped soaps that perfumed the room with a potpourri of fragrances.
One was called Summer‘s Night.  The ingredients are olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, turmeric powder and fragrance.  I have to find out what the fragrance is; it is so aromatic and pleasant. 
A Calendula petals soap has shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, and silk.
The third hand crafted soap was a Sweet Almond.  Jenny explained, “The oils are olive, sweet almond, coconut, organic palm and cocoa butter. It has pure chamomile tea added and is colored with comfrey powder. All my recipes are my own, which is true of most soapers.”

On Jenny’s Facebook page, I learned she is passionate about soap making and gardening.  I admire people who follow their passions.   She aspires to grow most of her herbs organically to utilize in her soaps.  I love her slogan, “Created from the ground up.”  Her business is called Jenny B’s Handcrafted Soap.  Jenny follows her passions and says, There is something magical to me to take a substance as caustic as lye and chemically combine it to oils and butters from the earth. That is where my passion for gardens (and gardeners) connects.  I want to appeal to people of like mind and go wherever it leads.”

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